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Eat Pie, Not I

I’ve put together a quick but cute card for Thanksgiving. This card doesn’t require a lot of layers or fancy techniques but, it is still really fun and finished looking.


I used a free digital image of a cartoon turkey to create this card. And the background paper for the card was created with my Waltzing Mouse Midnight Feast stamp set. In order to color the Turkey I used a combination of Prisma colored pencils and Copic markers.

I will be entering this card into the Simon Says Stamp Thanksgiving/Thank You challenge.

Happy Stamping,


Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet

Yesterday, I finally mailed off the Halloween gifts that I had been working on for my niece and nephews! Have all of you finished your Halloween gift shopping/making yet? Or am I the only strange one here who thinks that Halloween is the second largest gift giving season?

I made some Trick or Treat bags using pre-made canvas totes, crafting felt, embroidery floss, fabric paint and polyester stuffing. Each bag took several days to complete because, I was sewing them on my breaks at work and I free-handed most of the patterns.

First up is the first bag that I made. There is a bit of a learning curve and improvement that you may notice as you see each bag unveiled. This one was for my sweet little Grandnephew, Craig. I think that black cats and jack-o-lanterns are perfect companions for Halloween night.


Next up is Eli’s bag. By the time I started on his bag I had a few more tricks up my sleeve, like rubber stamping and background embellishing.


See the cool little witch stamp from Waltzing Mouse and the spooky little spider on the other side of Eli’s bag? Wish I would have thought of that for Craig’s bag too. But, I had given him his in person a few weeks back so it was too late for me to tweak anything.

Sam’s bag is a little bit different from the rest since he is much older than the other kids. He is the big 1-0! I made his with an edgier, more creepy theme in mind. And for Sam’s bag I used some images from The Graphics Fairy and printed them out on Iron-on transfer paper and then added just a touch of felt by using some skulls I die cut on my Big Shot.


Last up is Addie’s bag and this one is my personal favorite. I was sorely tempted to keep it but, I know that Addie will enjoy swinging this bag on her arm, and I couldn’t deny her the pleasure.


I used the Create a Critter cartridge from Cricut to make a paper template for my owl and the pumpkin too. And I used a Sizzix Nesting Circle  die to cut out the eyes.  (Trying to hand cut a perfect circle is just insane) Addie’s bag includes the most stamping and and I think it has a definite feminine appeal.

Thanks for looking,


Happy Birthday Simon

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It is Simon Says Stamp’s 3rd birthday. And to celebrate they are offering a chance to win a $50 gift voucher to their store or a month of May Card Kit. Either prize would be awesome! You can join the fun and enter a card to win at Simon Says Stamp.

So I have made a card to submit for the challenge. I used a free digital image of three adorable puppies. I am sorry that I can’t remember where I originally got this pups from but, if I remember I will update this post.

I hand stamped the purple paper for the background and I used a upcycled sentiment from an old birthday card I had received last year.

Happy Stamping,


A Little Dab Will Do Ya! (of paint that is)

I officially have a new obsession….painting my old outdated furniture! About 3 weeks ago I stumbled across two great sites and  (these sites led me to many others as well) After spending hours and hours on these sites I came to a conclusion that I shared with my husband Jeff. “I could paint every single piece of furniture in this house!” (Jeff is used to my over the top ideas and just simply said “Yup”.)

This is our old entertainment center. Jeff just bought a new flat screen TV and when we wheeled out the old big screen it left a gaping hole in the middle. So we dragged the TV console out of our family room and popped it in. The hole was taken care of but the mismatched look just wasn’t doing it for me. This is where the countless hours I spent  drooling over the painted furniture on the a fore mentioned websites came into play.

Ta Da! I love, love, love my new entertainment center! At first I though I would paint the TV console too but, when you see these two pieces in person the dark color of the console pairs nicely with the chocolate glazing on the old piece. My thought is that if I try to paint the console it will look I tried to match but missed. Whereas if I leave it dark console as is, it looks like two complimentary pieces that make me want to do a high kick like a cheerleader! 🙂

FYI: I used Floetrol to help the paint go on smoothly and to minimize brush/roller marks. And I used my favorite Purdy brushes and tried out 6″ foam rollers for the first time.  Also I primed the furniture with Zinsser oil based primer. I chose not to use Polycrylic or Polyurethane because unlike kitchen cabinets or a dining table this piece will get very little wear and tear. The total cost of paint and supplies was about $15o but the feeling that I really could paint every piece of furniture in my house…priceless!

Here is how the pieces looked with when they were painted with Behr Cottage White in semi gloss.They looked good but still kind of plain. Besides I was feeling brave and wanted desperately to try my hand at glazing.

Here I am brushing on the glaze while simultaneously holding my breath (in case I was ruining about 12 hours worth of priming and painting)

At this stage I am thinking “Oh snap this was a bad idea!”

Immediately after painting on the glaze I started wiping it off with a damp cloth. I had a feeling in my stomach like when you sit at the top of a roller coaster. You know that mixed emotion of “this is great” and “oh crap this is more than I bargained for”!

But when I got the extra glaze wiped off I was elated. The glazing made the rope detail really pop. It’s funny that I always hated the rope detail on the piece when it was a natural wood color (I didn’t buy this piece. Jeff had it when we met) but now I was loving it.

Here is a close up of one of the bases from the piece. I know that the glazing isn’t perfect but I feel like I maybe I hit an ‘in the park’  home run.

Thanks Martha!

I made these sock skeletons for my niece and nephews in Virginia for Halloween. The pattern is available on Martha Stewart’s website here I’m all thumbs with a sewing machine so I stitched each one by hand. The first two dolls took me almost two hours each to create! But once I got the swing of it the third doll went much quicker. After testing each doll by vigorously yanking on each arm and button eye (two of the kids are under the age of 5)  I wrapped each one in Halloween scrapbook paper and sent them off last Friday. Happy Haunting Sam, Addie and Eli!

My friend Windy wanted some spooky silhouettes for the second story window in her new house and Martha came to the rescue again. I used my handy dandy tracing projector to enlarge these claws to 3 feet high a piece. Then I painted the white poster board with black acrylic paint. Martha suggested painting them on fabric but since I had poster board on hand I used that instead. The project will not be as durable for year after year displaying and packing but it was cheap and easy!

Economic + Logic Equals Ecological

(only 1% of Americans are millionaires, however 46% of congressmen are millionaires. Think about that for a minute)

Like 99% of all Americans we are trying to save money.  So last month I asked my husband Jeff to hang up this indoor laundry line  that I had purchased. We hung up all of our laundry for a month. I quickly found out that I don’t like sandpaper towels so they still go in the dryer for a half of an hour and if they are not completely dry I then hang them up. And I did have to use the dryer once for a last minute load of laundry. Everytime I used the dryer I noted the amount of time I used it for. The total was 10 hours. However, if I had dried every load we washed until it was 100% dry, the total dryer usage time would have been more like 22-26 hours.

I received our electricity bill and was pleasantly surprised at how much electricity/money we saved by hanging up our clothes. We only used 1748 kilowatts as compared to last year’s 1979 kwh. Our daily usage went down by 10 kwh and the bill was $35 cheaper! However, I have to tell you that this number may be skewed by fact that our 13 yr and 16yr old kids were back in school during this month too. That means that the TV, two radios and several ceiling fans weren’t running all day long as well. I will update this issue next month and let you know if going all “Little House on the Prairie” is really worth it.

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