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Thanks Martha!

I made these sock skeletons for my niece and nephews in Virginia for Halloween. The pattern is available on Martha Stewart’s website here I’m all thumbs with a sewing machine so I stitched each one by hand. The first two dolls took me almost two hours each to create! But once I got the swing of it the third doll went much quicker. After testing each doll by vigorously yanking on each arm and button eye (two of the kids are under the age of 5)  I wrapped each one in Halloween scrapbook paper and sent them off last Friday. Happy Haunting Sam, Addie and Eli!

My friend Windy wanted some spooky silhouettes for the second story window in her new house and Martha came to the rescue again. I used my handy dandy tracing projector to enlarge these claws to 3 feet high a piece. Then I painted the white poster board with black acrylic paint. Martha suggested painting them on fabric but since I had poster board on hand I used that instead. The project will not be as durable for year after year displaying and packing but it was cheap and easy!

Handmade Hauntings

I made these posters by using Pumpkin Master’s templates meant for carving Jack-o-Lanterns. The words are done free hand. You can put the templates on top of carbon paper and trace over them onto the cardstock. I just traced over them with a dull pencil and followed the indentions with a exacto knife.

My daughter Sam made the polymer clay skeleton for her dad and my anniversary last year. It came out so cute!

Haunted House

We have begun to decorate our home for Halloween already. This weekend we will host twenty-three 12 and 13 years olds for our daughters Sam’s 13th birthday party. I still have to make the big black and orange  paper flowers to hang from the ceiling. I made the potion jars a few years ago and panted the gourds last year. The fence is made of black poster board and I found the idea in  Better Homes and Gardens The magazine gave instructions on how to make the fence out of black electrical tape and showed the fence being used on a garage. I adapted the idea and used paper instead. Much less sticky!

Lime Doodle Design

Card Making Inspiration by Debby Hughes

Better After

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My Craft Room is My Happy Place.

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My Craft Room is My Happy Place.

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My Craft Room is My Happy Place.