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When a Doodle is as Good as a Stamp

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I went to a friend’s house a few days ago to craft some cards together. Although I have fun crafting together, I find that I never get much done because I’m so busy chatting. However, I did get a card completed and I had fun with Kim and Linda.

I have been thinking about buying a stamp that features birch trees. There have even been a few birch tree stamps in various shopping baskets of mine online but, I just kept balking at the cost. So the other night I decided to see if I could doodle some instead. And the result was really pleasing. Plus I saved myself at least $10!

Stacy Yacula Studio stampsI doodled the trees and the banner as well as the presents, grass and dandelions. The adorable animal stamps are from A Sweet Summer set by Stacey Yacula Studio. You can find them here at Purple Onion Designs And all but the shading under the black on the birch tree bark, was colored with colored pencils and blended with baby oil.

Next time I would stamp the birds first and then draw the wire under them. It was hard to see because, they are red rubber and not clear acrylic stamps. But hopefully my niece won’t notice that the bird is not quite on the wire.

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Back to Basics…Training That Is.

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I made a couple of new cards to send to our son James while he attends Army Basic Training. We have heard from him by letter twice.  James told us that Basic was tough but, not as hard as he expected. He also said the food wasn’t bad and that he was a fast eater, so the brief chow times were no problem for him. (The brief time and long lines in his High School cafeteria trained him well) The only thing he really disliked was the lack of sleep and the mandatory 1/4 mile sprint after every meal.

Word Jumble Card

I have seen a few cards similar to this one around the internet. It seemed simple enough but, it actually took a little time to get the letter spacing and jumblyness (a new word for Webster’s Dictionary) just like I wanted it. One of the B s in the middle got smudged but, overall I am pleased with simple, graphic nature of the card.

Each time  we receive another letter from our son I get all excited to read what he has experienced that week.  I would guess that he gets a happy feeling too when he gets a letter from one of his family or friends. And so I have been sending at least one letter per week.

You Are Here

I had made a card similar to this one before. In my heart card But the clothespin was much too large to send through standard mail. So I wound up hand delivering the original card to my parents for their 55th Wedding Anniversary last month.

The newer version of this card is much more practical for mailing purposes. And I love the new Pointing Hand stamp that I purchased recently from Purple Onion Designs! P.O.D. is having a 25% off sale on all of their stamps until August 25.

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