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Pretty Sneaky, sis!

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My sister Jeanne sent me the cutest card for my birthday this year. Of course it is a pop-up card (her specialty) but, it is also personalized too.


The inside of the card features a photo of me popping out of the Polaroid camera. Jeanne must have hijacked that photo off of my Facebook account. Pretty sneaky, sis! (Remember the OLD connect four commercials when the boy used to say that when his sister won?)

Thanks you Jeanne for my card and to all of my friends who called, txt’d and Facebooked me a happy birthday last week.

Happy Stamping,



Flipping Over Spinner Cards

In an effort to add some more cute and fun cards to my selection for a craft show I will be vending in in April I made some spinner cards. These cards are fun for kids or adults (I know because I am one. An adult that is.) and although they are simple to make, they never fail to impress.

I am going to share the photos of the cards as well as the link to see them in action on youtube. (My daughter Sam was my graceful hand model for the videos.)

Spinner Card


Spinning dolphin card

Make a Splash Spinning Dolphin



Happy Stamping,


Card Making can be a Family Affair.

My sister Jeanne makes cards too. I wanted to share a few with you today. This first card is a simple cutout design but, it features a cool spinning star and sparkly glitter! Nothing says holidays like a little bling.



Jeanne personalized this next card with a photo of her cat Kishou and of the card recipients’ dog Cocoa. How cute would it be to get a card that had your own furry little friend featured in it? I especially love the extra touch of the paw printed card in the foreground!



This last card welcomes a new baby boy into the world with an awesome pop-up inside! Just like in the old fairytales a stork flies in to deliver a bundle of joy. My big sister’s pop-up cards never fail to impress me. (Jeanne has more patience than me.)

Another Awesome Pop-up Card

This is another cool card my sister made for me for my birthday. Jeanne’s cards amaze me every time.

Lime Doodle Design

Card Making Inspiration by Debby Hughes

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My Craft Room is My Happy Place.

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