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First Day of School (for Sam but not James)

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This year we had an unusual start of the school year. Only one of our children was starting their public school year today. This hasn’t happened in 10 years! It was so odd to take a photo of Sammi by herself. She starting going to the local primary school when she was 4 to attend the pre-Kindergarten program there. James rode the bus with her and I couldn’t believe that both my babies were in school.

This year James is  a dual enrollment student at his high school. He is taking his last 3 high school courses on line and he is attending the local state college for a technical degree in Automotive Repair. His Auto classes don’t begin until the 27th and so Sammi was the only child I got to photograph this morning.

Sam is notorious for looking goofy in her photos. She gets too self conscious. So snapped about 8 photos in the hopes of getting one genuine smile. I wound up aggravating Sam to no end but, I also wound up with a cute little montage of  1st Day of School photos.



“Mom! How many pictures are you going to take?!?”

If it’s not the first day of school where you live; just hang in there. I’m sure it’s only a matter of weeks until you have some peace and quiet in your house between the hours of 8 and 2!

Happy Stamping,


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Paper crafting is my Yoga. It takes my mind off any stress that I might have at the time. My daughter loves to get involved in my projects too and it is a great way to connect with her. Sixteen years ago I began scrapbooking but, my new true love is card making!

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