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Halloween is Here Again…2011


Our daughter decided  one week before Halloween that she wanted to be Eyeore. She made her custom Eyeore hat on a knitting loom and I made her tail with just some gray felt, black yarn and a bow. Once we painted her face the costume really came together. She is so clever!


My mother and father came over for our annual Halloween party. My dad’s beard was made with the old school trick of burning the end of a wine cork and then rubbing it on your skin. I went on many Halloween nights as a kid dressed as an old hobo with the exact same beard!

My honey and I were Zombies! Jeff was a Charlie Sheen zombie with crazy Sheen Quotes all over his tee. I kept it traditional with torn clothes, greenish skin and painted on wounds.



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About cardsbymo

Paper crafting is my Yoga. It takes my mind off any stress that I might have at the time. My daughter loves to get involved in my projects too and it is a great way to connect with her. Sixteen years ago I began scrapbooking but, my new true love is card making!

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